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Unearth Agate

Unearth Agate

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Just as the Earth transforms and evolves, so do we. The "Unearth Necklace" serves as a powerful reminder of the beauty that emerges from change and growth. It's a symbol of the journey you've embarked upon, a testament to your strength and vitality, and a reflection of your ever-evolving spirit.

Affirmation: "I embrace change and growth, just like the Earth, and wear my 'Unearth Necklace' as a reminder of the beauty that emerges from transformation."

Agate: Healing, Balance, Strength  

16-30" adjustable necklace whether you choose the beautiful hand-dyed silk ribbon or chain you can wear it at several different lengths.

Comes on an antique Sterling Silver or 18k gold anti-tarnish, electroplated chain, or hand-dyed silk ribbon.

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