About us

Our vision is for YOU to create stunning gemstone jewelry that inspires the heart and soul. The beauty of Vibe Jewelry Co. is that YOU get to be the designer!

Our gorgeous gemstone pendants are not only beautiful, perfect creations, they are also interchangeable so that you may create a new GEM RECIPE every day! First select a beautiful chain, then start stacking & creating your own masterpiece. Each gemstone comes with it's own information card to remind you of it's meanings and properties.

Vibe gems are naturally charged gems for the heart and soul. When you wear or display each piece with intention, your gems will be your new best friends!

Each piece will be wrapped up with love and adorned with a feather! Uplift someone you love by giving them the gift of Vibe!  

- Jeannie Olsen, Owner and Designer of Vibe Jewelry Co.