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Valentines Day

All the gems and more for this season of love! 

Gemstones of the Month

Here at Vibe Jewelry Co we love learning about the vibes and energy of the earth! We've highlighted gems that represent this months vibes!

  • Chrysocolla

    Peace + Wisdom + Self-Love

    Chrysocolla is a stone of communication. It is a peaceful stone that reminds us to use our words to build + uplift those around us. It helps us to enable the truth to be heard & expressed. Chrysocolla is a heart-repairing stone that allows you to begin mastering the art of forgiveness + unconditional love. Chrysocolla enhances personal power + inspires Creativity + success in business!

  • Garnet

    Regeneration + Prosperity + Good Health 

    Garnet is a powerful stone of prosperity, abundance, joy, and good health. Wearing this stone may even attract other friends and family that have a more poise energy and outlook on life! Wearing a Garnet is a great reminder to take care of yourself by creating better health in your life. A very liberating and restorative gemstone to manifest a rebirth, growth, creative and lucrative business endeavors, and loving relationships!

  • Amethyst

    Awaken + Enlighten + Guardian 

    Amethyst is a stone of royalty + protection. Amethyst has been one of the world's most revered stones for many centuries. It was worn by royalty for not only it's beauty but also for it's protective qualities. Wearing amethyst reminds us to increase awareness + stimulate the mind to think clearly + become focused + enhance memory + calm the mind + improve motivation.

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Create Your Vibe

Striking + Affordable + Customizable

  • Step 1 - Chain

    Choose a chain! We have a wide selection of chains to help you create the 'look' you want. Choose from a simple long or short gold or silver chain to a versatile beaded or ribbon chain.

  • Step 2 - Gems!

    Let the fun begin! Choose your favorite eye catching gemstone or choose the gemstone by the properties or vibration it carries! There is no wrong way, simply mix + match + stack your favorite gems together to make your very own gem recipe!

  • Step 3 - Charms

    Once you have picked out all your gems you can add a little something extra with our charms. We have everything from feathers to bulls!

  • Step 4 - Enjoy

    And last but not least, wear your gems out on the town and soak up all of their amazing vibrations and the compliments that will come your way!

Create Your Vibe

Create Your Vibe

Everything you need to create the layered look of your dreams. Choose...