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VIBE box (Monthly)

VIBE box (Monthly)

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Introducing June's Vibe Box! This month's focus is on "Happy Thoughts and Joyful Experiences," featuring the vibrant energy of Citrine. Radiating abundance, prosperity, and joy, Citrine serves as the perfect catalyst for uplifting spirits!

🌿 **What's Included:**

• A captivating CITRINE SLAB NECKLACE complemented by a stunning African Turquoise chunky chain! Infusing your energy with happy, positive vibes, Citrine brings an uplifting vibration to your day. Necklace length: 18-20”.

•Matching African Turquoise bracelet, 7-8” long.

•A RARE Optical Scalenohedral Etched Calcite from Indonesia with an uplifting meditation. 

  • This crystal is thought to assist in emotional healing by promoting emotional balance and stability. It may aid in releasing past traumas and encouraging a positive outlook on life.
  • Its amplifying properties are said to boost the manifestation of intentions, making it a valuable tool in manifestation rituals.

• June's Intention Card: Set the tone for the month with our exclusive intention card, inspiring you to cultivate happy, positive thoughts.

• Astrology Card: Discover the energetic weather forecast for June, guiding you through the month ahead.

• Affirmation Card • Find daily elevation in the curated affirmation card, accompanying your gem therapy journey and reminding you of the beauty and strength within.

•VIBE Shop 10% Discount Code: Enjoy a special discount for your future purchases at our VIBE Shop, where you can explore more curated collections and unique gemstone creations.

**Perfect Gift for June Celebrations:**
Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a loved one born in June, the June Vibe Box is a thoughtful and unique gift. 

**Limited Edition – Order Yours Today!**

Don't miss the chance to experience the JUNE Vibe Box and invite the empowering energy of Citrine and its positivity into your life.

This limited edition box is crafted with care, ensuring each item radiates positivity, style, and the spirit of natural flow. 

🛒 **Order Now and Elevate Your JUNE VIBE!**


Our JUNE Vibe Box subscription window is closing on MAY 20th! Don't miss out on this exclusive high-vibe set! You have just a few days left to secure your spot before it's gone for good. Subscribe today and embrace the magic of this limited-time offering! 

ANNOUNCEMENT- moving forward each VIBE Box will be created with the same  metal color (gold, silver, bronze, copper) and you will receive an amazing variety!
You will still be able to order with your preference of gold or silver for our records and there will be times you will receive your preference.  Thank you!! 

**If you are already subscribed then you will automatically receive JUNE’s VIBE box with all of its goodies! After your initial sign up, your payments will always process on the 15th of each month. 

**You may be able to sign up each month between the 10th-20th or until spots are full! Boxes will be mailed between the 24th-29th of each month.

**Your payment will process the 15th of each month.

**Make sure to create an account on our website with a login and password to edit your subscription box.

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