eleVIBE box (Monthly)
eleVIBE box (Monthly)
eleVIBE box (Monthly)
eleVIBE box (Monthly)

eleVIBE box (Monthly)

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I’m so excited to share with you the INTUITIVE HEART VIBES coming to you via the eleVIBE box in February!

Astrologically, you may feel a deeper desire to connect with your higher source in February. Maybe this means an increase in meditative time, journaling, reading uplifting books or scripture or prayer. It could be that you feel a deeper urge to get answers to challenges you are having or increase awareness to a deeper sense of love and hope for your future. Whatever it may be, I have sourced some gorgeous unique gems for your eleVIBE February necklace and I’m so excited to reveal it to you! It’s a very creative, INTUITIVE piece for the heart and soul.

Blue Opal is also known as Peruvian Opal and is a stone of higher truth. Blue Opal deepens spiritual connection and understanding and encourages surrender to Divine Will. It fosters clear, honest, and sincere communication and helps us to find the courage and confidence to always speak our truth. Blue Opal brings calm and stability to our experience, attracts love in its many forms, and brings joy back into our lives. It promotes a soothing energy that may help release tension from your body and increase focus and clarity.

Pink Opal helps to bring more hope and joy vibes back into your life! Pink Opal creates a beautiful positive and nurturing energy. It may create a sense of peace, calm, and tranquility to the heart center and emotional body.

This beautiful piece comes with a 33" multi-color beaded chain! This chain is one of our best sellers because of its versatility and can be worn in several different ways including as a wrap bracelet. 

NEW SPOTS open for February’s eleVIBE box Subscribers!

If you are already subscribed then you will automatically receive February’s eleVIBE box with all of its goodies!

Purchases can be made between now and February 15 or until spots are full! Boxes will be mailed the first week of the next month! 


Welcome to the eleVIBE monthly subscription box! The Vibe Jewelry Co's eleVIBE Monthly Subscription Box is designed to help you BE YOU in 2022! The monthly box themes are each divinely inspired to energetically support you in strengthening the gifts and talents you have within. That you may bring them to the world to help make it a better place.

Each month the eleVIBE Box will include a High Vibe Gemstone Necklace with exclusive and powerful gemstones intuitively chosen by Jeannie to help support you each month this year!  (you can choose silver or gold)

Subscription box includes:

  • Exclusive High Vibe Gem Necklace 
  • Motivational Quote + Intention card
  • 10% off monthly discount code to our shop
  • Monthly Astrology card