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Riley Soul Sister Necklace

Riley Soul Sister Necklace

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The Riley "Soul Sister" Necklace embodies the essence of a woman exuding transformation, illumination, and growth. She understands her identity and her light shines bright to those around her. 

The Riley Soul Sister Necklace is a beautiful piece made with Peach Moonstone and Fossil Coral, accompanied by a Firefly Wing Charm and a Buddha Charm. The African Turquoise chain, along with the antique brass link clasp, makes it interchangeable. This necklace brings transformation, illumination, and growth, embodying the divine feminine energy.

Peach Moonstone (divine feminine, nurturing energy, hope, optimism)

Fossil Coral (growth, transformation, creativity)


19" African Turquoise Chain

Peach Moonstone 1 1/2"

Fossil Coral 1/2"

Fire Fly Wing Charm 2"

Buddha Charm 1/4"

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