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Clear Skies Necklace

Clear Skies Necklace

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Embrace tranquility and embrace the power of purification with our Clear Skies Necklace, meticulously crafted with magnesite gemstones. Magnesite is renowned for its healing properties, promoting relaxation, visualization, and heartfelt love. Placed delicately on the third eye, it enhances visualization and fosters revolutionary ideas, while also opening the crown and heart chakras. This necklace is more than a piece of jewelry; it's a pathway to deep peace and inner clarity. Let its soothing energy adorn your neck and elevate your spirit.

Affirmation: I am surrounded by the pure tranquility of clear skies, guided by the deep peace and love within my heart.


18-20" adjustable necklace 

18k matte gold findings

made with magnesite roundels and adorned with handmade African metal beads.

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