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Chakra Charm Necklace

Chakra Charm Necklace

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Express your soul wearing your very own Chakra Vibes! This set comes with all 7 carefully curated gemstones to represent and support each of your 7 energy centers.  

Wearing all the chakra charms at once will being more support and balance your 7 main energy centers or choose which one will best support you each day.

Your friends and family will love the gift of VIBE as they express deep meaning and have their own unique frequencies.

Each gemstone is designed for the heart + soul. You will receive 7 -  gemstones each uniquely made by Mother Nature. Colors and shapes will vary slightly.

You may choose a  19”, 24", or 30" antique silver chain.

CROWN   MOONSTONE  |  New Beginnings + Happiness + Good Fortune

BROW   |   CHAROITE  |  Unconditional Love + Transform + Cleanse

THROAT  |  LAPIS  Truth + Imagination + Cheer

HEART  |  PINK TOURMALINE  | Self-love + Friendship + Heart-protector

SOLAR PLEXUX   |  CITRINE  |  Uplift + Abundance + Joy

SACRAL  |  CARNELIAN  |  Courage + Creativity + Motivation. 

ROOT SMOKEY QUARTZ  |  Inner-strength + Stability + Protection

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