What DO you want and HOW to get it!

What DO you want and HOW to get it!

The energy this month globally is all about creating and manifesting. But how do we do it?

First, we have to actually know what we want!

That may sound easy enough, but did you know that when you ask most people what they want they actually answer with what they don't want?!  
i.e. "I don't want to be so tired, or so stressed or overweight...."
OR they answer with a negative.

i.e. "I don't want to keep fighting with my spouse" or "I don't want to have so much debt.

"There are two problems here:
1- neither clarify want you DO want.
2- the brain focuses on what we tell it to, so when we use negatives or focus on what we don't want we inadvertently get more of that! AGH!

Never fear, I have the solution! First, a little science so your brain understands and you can get it to work for you not against you!  Have you ever seen someone who was about to trip and you warned them "Don't trip!"? What did they do? TRIP! But have you ever seen someone about to trip and you said, "Step carefully!"? What did they do? Stepped carefully! It's not a coincidence, it's science.

Our brains are amazing and actually do and create what ever we tell them to. So words matter. "Don't trip" has a completely different outcome than "Step carefully". There's a famous study where participants were asked to count how many WHITE cars they saw. They did, then were asked, "how many RED cars did you see?"  Um, none. No one saw any red cars, even though the study had more red cars than white. Participants did not see any red cars because their brains were focused on white cars.

This is great news because creating and manifesting more peace, joy and what you do want in your life begins with the simple change in your words and focus! Stating what you DO want, specifically, in positive terms gets your brain focused on making that happen and proving it's real.

"I treat my body lovingly."
"I pay my bills in full on time."
"I show love to and connect with loved ones each day."
"I enjoy my daily work."

Whatever it is YOU want to feel and create is possible and by starting with focusing on it you scientifically get your brain on your side in helping you manifest it.

So what DO you want?
No matter how much of a dream it might be I encourage you to grab some paper or your journal and write out specifically and positively what you do want. Start there. Dream and hope. Get clear and define what you want physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, in relationships...all the key areas of your life. No matter how big or small. Whether you believe it's possible or not (more on that soon). What have you got to lose? Take a chance. Write it out.

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Happy Manifesting & Good Vibes to you,
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