Time To Blossom!

Time To Blossom!

Spring has sprung! Finally! Is it starting to warm up where you are? I love spring so much. I start to feel energized and hopeful and I just look forward to brighter sunnier days. Energetically spring is all about enlightenment growth and something new! So what is spring inspiring in you?

Where in your life are you ready to expand? What area might it be time to blossom? Maybe there is a role you fill that you need enlightenment about. Daydreaming and pondering on these things can bring inspiration. Journaling and prayer can too. 

A favorite tool I learned years ago from Rachel DeMille called the 6-month inventory. She suggested that you make time to be completely alone and uninterrupted and with a blank notebook take a page for each member of your family including yourself and just brain dump on that page. Write anything and everything that comes to mind. Strengths, concerns, needs. You're pouring out your heart and mind here. 

Then take some time to pray about what is most needful for that person or in that relationship and choose 3 to 5 things to focus on with that individual for the next 6 months. The idea is not things that will massively add to your to-do list or to the weight of all you already have to do but rather a way to narrow down and focus on what is most needful to help that individual and relationship blossom. Remember you are keeping yourself on that list! What are you needing most right now?

One of the best places to create a solid foundation for expansion and growth is in our homes. The April eleVIBE Box is all about growth enlightenment and expansion and has a special guest guided meditation from the amazing Kathy Watts, teaching us to explore the wisdom of the forest as you increase in peace, knowledge & understanding. If you aren't already subscribed order yours now, HERE!
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