So what are these VIBES all about?

You know how great you feel when you go to the mountains or the ocean right? And I don’t mean the dirt involved with camping! I mean how being in nature is refreshing, calming?

Honestly, sometimes it feels like all our stress
just drains out of us when we get outside.

How about when you walk on the grass barefoot, sit in the sun or even dig in the dirt while gardening? All of these activities can be super nurturing and restorative to our bodies and souls. And it’s not a coincidence! There are scientific terms and proof of what nature does for us. (Check out terms like Grounding and Earthing.)  I mean have you ever taken a hot bath and added Epsom Salts to ease sore muscles or detox your system? Um, then think about what the huge saltwater ocean is doing for you when you swim! Why do you think we all love vacations so much?! It’s more than just the break from the norm, especially if we are in nature!

What does that have to do with the gems in your Vibe Jewelry?  They are from the earth of course, and over thousands of years each gem has been found to affect people emotionally and physically in certain ways! Just like the ocean or beach or sun or mountains. Makes sense right? And if you are religious it gets even cooler because the scriptures have examples of things like seer stones, and specific stones in breastplates and even stones being used Biblically in temples!  For me, I believe there is a very loving God who created so many ways for this beautiful earth to support us.


What this means is when you wear your Vibe Jewelry

not only is it gorgeous on you but it connects you to the earth and

you get those vibes too!


So, you can wear what you think looks great or you can choose gems to support you in specific ways. Either way, it’s a win! Good vibes all around!

Below are some most popular high vibe gem sets! And now when you read the descriptions of items that catch your eye, you know how it can support you!
(Please remember we hand make all our jewelry and therefore offer limited quantities so items below may no longer be available a the time you read this post. However, you can always see our currently available creations HERE ).
So what support are you needing? Find it on our website and now you know you can look AND feel great with Vibe Jewelry!  Shop Now
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I’m so excited I just got my first order . I got the harmony necklace and 3 add one!!! It was packaged beautifully and the pieces are to die for!!! I already put another order in🤣🤣❤️🙌

Lisa Grihorash

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