NEW Confidence Booster Necklace!

NEW Confidence Booster Necklace!

Happy summer, VIBE TRIBE!

Introducing the Confidence Booster Necklace!  Each of us are just as unique, beautiful, valuable, strong, and powerful as the amazing gemstones in this neckless!

Confidence is standing tall in your purpose, believing in yourself and sharing your light with those around you! Wearing the Confidence Booster Necklace will help you when you feel you need to do just that!

The Confidence Booster Necklace is made with the cutest little raw nugget of Tigers Eye you ever did see and is the ultimate body guard + confidence booster! We paired it with a dainty, smooth Blue Lace Agate as it is the stone of encouragement + support all on the most beautiful dusty blue silk chain! Have you tried our new silk chains yet? You will love these for summer! They are light weight and you can tie them at any length.

Also, if you are looking for more amazing gemstones to support and lift your confidence, you will love these small Carnelian nuggets, Bumblebee Jasper pendantsYellow Aventurine stretch bracelet, and the Bronzite stretch braceletGet your's below!

Good Vibes To YOU!

-Love Jeannie!



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