Manifesting: The power of belief!

Manifesting: The power of belief!

Creation and manifesting from daily peace, to big dreams and goals! How do we do it? We gotta believe!

But what if you don't believe what you want is possible or maybe, like so many of us, you've tried and tried and tried and failed. Confidence and belief are key to our achieving and manifesting.

So HOW?  Let's cover two concepts.

First of all, I believe manifestation takes action. Meaning, I don't think imagining and dreaming of money will make a check show up in your mailbox. I do however, believe that as we get clear about what we want and why and then focus on that, our brain finds actions and ideas to make it happen so we should follow those!

Second, there is a principle, or universal law, that comes into play with desire and belief. It is "the strongest emotion wins!" In a nutshell when we try to manifest something and it doesn't work we need to make sure it's right; like moral, ethical, in our best interest and in my opinion God's (or our Higher Power's) will AND we need to make sure there is nothing in the way. By this I mean a strong emotion. If fear, inadequacy, doubt, worthlessness, undeserving, etc. are involved and are stronger than the desire than that emotion will win! "The strongest emotion wins!" Often when we try and fail this is the problem! The stronger emotion is winning out. So if we will acknowledge and deal with that emotion it can clear the way for our desire to manifest.

If your are struggling with manifesting what you really want to do is check those two concepts. Once they are in order usually belief and confidence flourish. If you still need some help, go to gratitude and focusing on past successes. These will boost belief and get you on track to manifesting!

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