Improving Communication!

Improving Communication!

Ahh, the "C" word. Communication. Haha, it can feel like that sometimes huh? Especially with those closest to us. I don't know about you but communication is not always easy for me. But astrologically May's energy is all about connection, service and family unity and those all require healthy communication! So here I am with some gemstones to support communication and some great tips that can make a big difference in your relationships!

The May eleVIBE Box is amazing!

Petrified Wood: a stone of growth & transformation. Petrified wood symbolizes examples of how we can live in kindness, grow, transform, change and reach heavenward at all times.

Amber: a stone of purification that holds a strong connection between the sun and the earth. 

Kyanite: a stone of communication. Kyanite encourages self-expression, and assists you in speaking your own truth.

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A few other beauties to support communication, strong relationships and your are:


Passion + Strength + Devotion

Sunset Sodalite 

Clarity + Strength + Confidence


 Truth + Imagination + Cheer

These communication and relationship gemstones are great ones to wear when wanting to enhance communication or strengthen our bonds with loved ones. Simply wear one or even a combination of them while setting the intentions of healing and strengthening relationships! After you have set your gemstone intentions allow them to support you as you practice these three principles that when followed help heal and strengthen communication.

1-Seek first to understand.

This is a classic from the brilliant Stephen R. Covey author of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Often whether we're conscious of it or not we have an agenda. But if we will put that to the side and seek to understand the other person and where they're coming from we not only increase the likelihood they'll actually listen to us but we increase the likelihood of a positive unified outcome. In reality we all want to be seen and heard, when we seek first to understand we affirm the validity of the other person's feelings and needs. This is basic requirement for a strong, safe relationship.

2-What outcome do you want?

And I don't mean your agenda and trying to coerce someone to get what you want. What I mean is what do you value most about the person you're interacting with and the relationship? When we take a moment to identify the bigger picture outcome we desire long-term based on the importance of the relationship we give ourselves the opportunity to align with those values and act in productive ways. For example maybe I need to have a conversation and I'm frustrated. If I only focus on what I'm frustrated about and making my point it may or may not work out.

But if I will pause for a moment and think about the person and the relationship and the bigger goal which for example might be understanding, compassion, and love how I go about the conversation will be much different than when my focus is only the frustration. Taking a moment to identify what outcome we desire most for the relationship overall can guide how we move forward. A simple way to do this is ask ourselves do we want to be "right" or do we want to increase love and connection?

3- Stop fixing people.

As humans we want to be heard not fixed. In fact, often we're not even seeking advice we're just seeking validation and the opportunity to work through our emotions and figure things out. A dear friend learned this powerful lesson in her marriage. For years when she expressed herself to her husband he gave her suggestions of how to fix whatever she was feeling. Finally one day she told him I don't want you to fix it I just want you to listen to me.

This changed so much in their relationship! In fact when she came to him with a problem he began to ask "Do you want a solution or do you just want me to listen?" She would then clarify which and he would do it in their communication and trust and connection grew so much. Try checking in with yourself, which do you need? Try asking those closest to you the same question. Whether they want a solution or just to be heard always start with listening and validating.

These take practice, but you got this Viber! I believe in you!
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