How to feel better day to day -aka- Thrive not just Survive!

Hey Viber, 
This month, astrologically, is all about creation and manifesting. After such a crazy year and so much chaos it's time to get grounded, recenter and begin moving forward with purpose again. Therefore, it's the perfect time to get creative and intentional about what we want to manifest and experience!
To me manifesting means using our creative minds to bring about something tangible into our lives through intention and belief that lead to action and desire results! 
Have you ever heard the phrase "If you can dream it you can do it!"
by Walt Disney 
Manifesting means to get clear about what you want, visualize your desire and harness the power of your imagination to make it a reality. In short, manifesting living intentionally with what we think, feel and do. There is a ton of science proving we get what we focus on!
The reality however is, that it can be easy to get stuck in survival mode. It's all too easy to get consumed by our day to day responsibilities and barely keep our head above water. Add unexpected trials and demands on top of daily demands and we can become overwhelmed quickly. Maybe we've even stopped dreaming altogether.
I've experienced this.  So what are we to do?  I find that if I take even a few minutes for myself each morning to get centered and intentional it makes all the difference for how I feel and how my day goes. 
Really, when I roll out of bed and just get to all my daily requirements I can end up in survival mode, but when I make time to take a few deep breaths, think of a few things I'm grateful for, pray and intentionally create what I want to feel and do that day and how I want to connect with loved ones my day goes SO much better! 
I mean I still have the to do list but I'm engaged, connected and intentional about it and it brings purpose to what I'm doing.
Really, a few minutes of: 
1- Deep Breathing
2- Gratitude
3- Prayer 
4- Intention 
make all the difference in the results I get, how I feel and how I interact with others.
If a few minutes in the morning can improve the whole day, imagine how our lives can blossom if we get creative and intentional about our relationships, health, finances and more! 
I encourage you to give it a try.  And of course "I have gems for that!"  There are gems that open up and magnify creativity, dreams and manifestation! Since that is the main energy globally during March that is also the focus of the eleVIBE Box!
If you haven't ordered one yet, now's your chance, DO IT right now and get THRIVING instead of just surviving!
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Good Vibes to You!
Love, Jeannie

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