Happy Summer Vibe tribe!!

Happy Summer Vibe tribe!!

Happy Summer Vibe tribe!!

I hope summer is treating you well and you are getting a chance to connect with your loved ones, reflect on your life and now renew and recharge yourself to gear up for the second half of 2021!!

I’ve feel so blessed to have been able to take the last two weeks and visit my parents in Othello, WA and get back to my roots a bit! There is something about being in the place you grew up and filling your soul with memories and remembering where you came from! Good or bad it helps us grow, progress and step into our true self and purpose on this earth! It also helped that they live in a very quiet, middle of nowhere, serene place where quieting the mind is a little easier here!

It’s time to gear up for July and all the goodness it will bring! Astrologically, July looks a little clunky, kind of similar to the energy of Janurary, so there may be some bumps and changes but I created a beautiful and serene set to help you relax and get through the month and find the goodness within!

Our theme for July is Relax, Renew, and Recharge! Make sure to take some time this month to check out and tune in to what your spirit truly needs! Let go of anything standing in your way that is not serving your purpose at this time, have faith, bring in truth!

I’ve chosen 3 amazing gemstones to help you relax, renew and recharge!

Think Blue!

Blues represent peace, calm, serenity, and truth. These 3 blue-ish toned stones represent just that!

(Pictures of gems)

Turquoise (an all time favorite that I don’t get my hands on very often!)

Azurite/Chrysocolla mix (never before offered!)

Aquamarine (new little chunky raw shape!!)

I’m so excited to offer this gorgeous set as I know it will be a great support to help you relax, renew, and recharge!!

Remember once you subscribe you can create a login and password and have control of your subscription to pause or cancel at any time!

Quantities are limited so subscribe today!

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