Growth & Enlightenment

Growth & Enlightenment

The last year has held a unique amount of darkness and yet like the butterfly we have made it through. Hopefully we are stronger and better for it. Astrologically April is all about growth, enlightenment and learning something new...becoming. What are you becoming? How do we make beauty from the ashes and find the growth after darkness?

The butterfly actually shows us the way. The cocoon and it's darkness could feel unsure, confusing, frightening. The metamorphosis is likely painful.  But as the butterfly trusts the process it eventually emerges a beautiful, new creature. Not unlike Spring, especially if winter is cold and bleak where you live. This too reminds us a new day, a hopefully warmer and brighter one will come.

We all have our winters, our cocoons. Often they feel dark and the outcome unknown. But Spring and the butterfly remind us beauty, joy, healing, even fruition of the dark time will come and if we'll learn from the hard times, be refined, grow we, like the butterfly will be more beautiful in the end. We too can become who we are truly meant to be.

If your personal season currently is one of darkness, please trust in the light and growth. Maybe you can even identify growth and progress already. Focus on that. Focus on becoming and you will truly find your way.

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Here are a few more of our favorite gems that also support you in growth & enlightenment!

Amethyst: Awaken + Enlighten + Guardian

Bronzite: Courage + Self-Confidence + Grounding

Carnelian: Motivation + Creativity + Courage 

Labradorite: Intuition + Clarity + Success

Good VIBES to you! 

-Love, Jeannie! 
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