Grounding and Strength Energy!

Grounding and Strength Energy!

How are you my friend? How is your energy? Are you sleeping well? How are your relationships going? There is so much we can have to do and hold on our minds and hearts. It can be easy to get overloaded and exhausted.

And a few tweaks can get us back on track.

Today I want to share with you a few techniques to help you feel more like yourself and feel strong and stable for all the roles you fill.

Let's take trees for example. Trees can teach us so much! They are strong and unyielding, they reach heavenward for light while also sending their roots deep for strength and nourishment. Some trees even intertwine their roots to hold each other up against the forces of nature.

This May, astrologically, the energy is all about grounding, connection and unity. The trees exemplify this energy and show us how. (In fact the May eleVIBE Box necklace has Petrified Wood as the main stone! Wait till you see and feel the vibes of this gem!)

Petrified Wood: a stone of growth & transformation. Petrified wood symbolizes examples of how we can live in kindness, grow, transform, change and reach heavenward at all times.

Amber: a stone of purification that holds a strong connection between the sun and the earth.

Kyanite: a stone of communication. Kyanite encourages self-expression, and assists you in speaking your own truth.

Here are a few activities you can do and just a short moment to help reenergize and ground yourself.

-Walk barefoot on the grass. There are so many benefits to this that in a nutshell the Earth can draw out the anxiety and fatigue through our bare feet and literally re-energize us with its pure fresh energy.

-Work in the garden. Literally pulling weeds or planting flowers draws negative energy from us and replenishes it with pure Earth energy. Plus it is an activity that can get us very into the present moment or let us relax and problem-solve or let our mind wander as needed.

-Sit in the sunlight for a few moments taking long deep breaths.


-List five or ten things you are grateful for or that are going well in your life.

Each of these activities brings us back to the present moment, helps to spell negative and exhausted energy and fills us with light and positive energy. When we make sure we take time to fill ourselves up we can give and serve without becoming depleted. It's easy to forget to make ourselves a priority but it's vital to productively serving and connecting with those we love most.

So which activity speaks to you? What is your heart asking for so you can nourish and acknowledge yourself?

Stephen Covey exemplified this principle perfectly in his famous Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Watch how his son Sean shares the importance of filling our own bucket.

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