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Gems A-L


Inner + Voice Peace + Wisdom

Abalone is an extremely durable shell that carries the vibrations of protection and emotional balance. It acts as an energetic shield reflecting off negativity and reflecting in a flow of peace and tranquillity. Listen to what abalone is teaching you as it is known as the "ears of the sea." Allow this beautiful shell to connect you with your inner-voice and listen to what you may ve learning about your true identity. 

African Opal Jasper

Courage + Self-Reliance + Hope

African Opal Jasper is known as the supreme nurturer. It calms & soothes the mind helping one find inner peace, clarity & love. It helps you to think clearly & increases perception. It encourages self-expression & the communication of ideas. African Opal Provides hope & courage when times of despair is present, it brings hope & trust in the grand universe. African Opal is known to bring peace to the heart & renewed energy to the soul.


Self love + Expression + Serenity

Amazonite is a stone of expression + serenity + self-love. Wearing Ammonite reminds us to communicate with love to ourselves & others. It encourages one to seek to discover ones own truths, gifts & integrity. Amazonite is a very calming stone. It's subtle waves of sable-green tones encourage us to have more harmony, serenity & peace.


Awaken + Enlighten + Guardian

Amethyst is a stone of royalty + protection. Amethyst has been one of the world's most revered stones for many centuries. It was worn by royalty for not only it's beauty but also for it's protective qualities. Wearing amethyst reminds us to increase awareness + stimulate the mind to think clearly + become focused + enhance memory + calm the mind + improve motivation.


Angles + Guidance + Faith

Angelite is known as the stone of peace. It raises your vibration and awareness to the spiritual realm. It is known to facilitate communication with your angels and your higher-self. Angelite has the unique ability to heighten your perception therefor making it a powerful stone for healers. A peaceful gemstone to dispels fear and anxiety and converting it to increased faith and peace.


Apatite is known as a stone of manifestation + creativity. Wearing apatite gets those wheels turning to spark ideas + make those ideas a reality. Wearing apatite reminds us to stay motivated with living a healthy lifestyle. It is said. to enhance focus + communication + self-expression on all levels.


Cleansing + Peace + Inner-Power

Aquamarine is a stone of tranquility, showing you how to go with the flow + not fight the current. Wearing aquamarine enhances a sense of courage, self-love + inner-peace + confidence. Aquamarine encourages clear + heartfelt communication & evokes the relaxation + purity of the sea.


Good luck + Love + Prosperity

Aventurine is known as a gemstone of opportunity + is also known as one of the luckiest gemstones around. Wearing aventurine reminds you to be positive + optimistic is the things that you try to accomplish. it is a strong leadership stone helping to reinforce qualities such as honesty + integrity + commitment + passion. As you work with aventurine set aside some time for gratitude & goal setting.


Wisdom + Cleansing + Empowerment

this particular Azurite is a mixed stone of Lapis, Malachite, Chrysocolla. A powerful stone for cleansing away confusion in life and bringing more direction and clarity. Waring this gemstone may inspire and motivate personal ambitions + inspire creativity + and greater success in life and business!

Black Obsidian

Purification + Transformation + Manifestation

Black Obsidian is a very protective stone that provides support during times of change. It is known as a powerful emotional teacher promoting awareness of emotional imbalances and/or behavioral patterns or addictions that you are ready to heal and let go of. Wearing Black Obsidian helps you ground and feel more connected and balanced with the earth.

Black Tourmaline

Vitality + Stability + Protection

Black Tourmaline is said to be a stone of purification. It may give the water an increase of positive attitude + physical vitality + strength + stamina + balanced feeling. Wearing Black Tourmaline is like having your own personal body guard aka energy cleanser. It is one of the most powerful gemstones to absorb electromagnetic radiation which makes it an excellent stone for wearing around computers or other electronics.


Courage + Wisdom + Purification

Bloodstone is the stone of courage + wisdom. It is a very grounding & protective stone that helps you to center your life around the most important things such as love + relationships + friendships. Wearing Bloodstone reminds you to be courageous + increase selflessness + loyalty.

Blue Lace Agate

Soothing + Hope + Confidence

Blue Lace Agate is a stone of encouragement & support. It's soft, flowy, elegant bands remind us to create a peaceful flow of energy in our lives. It is a communication stone reminding us to have the confidence to share our truth + express ourselves in a poise manner. It is a great stone to wear during pregnancy + bring joy to a new mother helping was away the "baby blues."


Courage + Self-Conficence + Grounding

Bronzite is a stone of courage. it is a protective warrior stone to help boost your self-confidence and infuse you with the courage to take action & follow through & get your todo list done! Bronzite is a grounding stone that will encourage one to feel more aligned and centered helping you think more clearly to make those big decisions.

Brandy Opal

Passion + Creativity + Imagination

Opals promote a sense of security and centers and soothes the emotional body. It is also a stone of love and passion and can be used to increase intimacy, desire, and release inhibitions with ones partner. Opals work to strengthen the emotional body and promote self-examination for those willing to look honestly at ones true self.

Botswana Agate

Optimism + Comfort + Grace

Pink Botswana Agate is known as "the sunset" stone. It's beautiful pink & gray hues make the most majestic designs. Pink Botswana Agate has soothing + calming vibes to help ease you through any transitions with grace & optimistic attitude. It is comforting + Protective + soothing to those who are lonely, easily hurt or grieving a loss.

Bumblebee Jasper

High-energy + Positivity + Purpose

Bumblebee Jasper is such a fun stone! Think high-energy, buzzing through your day with purpose. This fabulous stone helps you to maintain a positive up-beat out look on life, while encouraging you to continue your own spiritual progression. Bumblebee Jasper brings the vibes to promote happiness and joy, honesty, and fulfilling your dreams! 


Motivation + Creativity + Courage

Carnelian is a stone of courage. Wearing this vibrant gemstone reminds us to have the confidence to take bold action! It restores vitality + motivation +stimulates creativity + passion. It promotes courage + positive life choices + motivates for success in relationships & business. The orange tones of Carnelian brings warmth + friendship + pleasure + family togethernesss.


Alignment + Hope + Optimism

Celestite is known as the stone of heavenly communication. It inspires one to be still, connect to heaven for your higher purpose and receive the calm, restorative vibes it offers. Celestite brings balance and alignment + hope and optimism to your personal + professional life! It assists you in opening up to new ideas + dreams + and visions.


Unconditional Love + Transform + Cleanse

Charoite is a stone of transformation. It is known for promoting one to look at their full potential + encourage a service oriented mindset. it connects the head + the heart. Wearing Charoite may spark your desire to be fearless + be open to positive life changes + to love unconditionally + awaken imagination to get the creative juices flowing!

Cherry Blossom Agate

Self-Growth + Motivation + Passion

Cherry Blossom Agates have a very feminine and stabilizing vibe. It is a comforting stone letting you know that everything will be ok & encourages you grow through what you go through. Cherry Blossom Agate caries protective vibes to help carry you through times of fear carry you through times of fear + self-doubt + reminds you to grow personally + professionally to your fullest potential.


Peace + Wisdom + Self-Love

Chrysocolla is a stone of communication. It is a peaceful stone that reminds us to use our words to build + uplift those around us. It helps us to enable the truth to be heard & expressed. Chrysocolla is a heart repairing stone that allows you to begin mastering the art of forgiveness + unconditional love. Chrysocolla enhances personal power + inspires Creativity + success in business!


New love + Positivity + Optimism

Chrysoprase is a stone of positivity + abundance + love. It is a gemstone to attract new loves in all aspects of your life. This amazing beautiful bright green 'gem of the heart' reminds us to be quick to forgive + bring poise inner growth + encourages miricles in your life. Chrysoprase is a gemstone to remind you to always look on the bright side even during cloudy weather.


Uplift + Abundance + Joy

Citrine is a stone of abundance. Wearing Citrine Reminds us to seek good & uplifting things that will lift self-esteem + increase self-conficence + self-expression. It represents success + abundance + encourages sharing your good fortune with others. Wearing Citringe reminds us to seek more joy & happiness in our lives!


Moonstone + Smokey Quartz

Feldspar is a stone of creativity and assists us in uncovering and developing new and insightful ways to manifest abundance and achieve our goals through creative thought and awareness. Feldspar enhances self-worth, self-respect, self-esteem and self-awareness. This stone is known to align all seven Chakras of the body and is associated with the inventive nature of Aquarius.

Fire Agate

Action + Courage + Confidence

Fire Agate is a stone to help one take action in many areas of life. Whether is be physical + mental + emotional + spiritual it can help bring the passion + courage + confidence to improve in each area. Fire Agates have a deep grounding connecting energy to the earth. it is said to bring extra feelings of calmness + security + trust + support during difficult times.


Positivity + Truth + Intellect

Fluorite is known as the "genius stone,' representing the highest state of mental achievement. It is known for helping one to focus + absorb information + make clear decisions + help one to discern truth. Wearing Fluorite supports spirituality + thought, focus + concentration + balance to all aspects of ones life

Fossil Coral

Magnify + Connect + Transform

Agatized Fossil Coral is an amazing stone of transformation. As the coral fossilized, quartz then replaced the organic material bringing it's own unique vibrations to the stone. Fossil Coral is a very loving gemstone that reminds you to be more aware of your common connections + the power love has to create change. Fossil Coral may assist you in achieving excellence in your personal & professional life.


Regeneration + Prosperity + Good Health

Garnet is a powerful stone of prosperity, abundance, joy and even good health. Wearing this stone may even attract other friends and family that have a more poise energy and outlook on life! Wearing Garnet is a great reminder to take care of yourself by creating better health in your life. A very liberating and restorative gemstone to manifest a rebirth, growth , creative and lucrative business endeavors and loving relationships!


Focus + Willpower + Stability

Hematite is a very grounding and protective stone. It strengthens your connection with the earth helping you feel more safe and secure. It is a great stone to stimulate the mind and enhance better memory recall and retention. Hematite not only dispels negativity from you it also helps you from absorbing it from other people.


Calming + Knowledge + Memory

Howlite is a beautiful white stone that represents the spiritual qualities of gentleness, stillness, and openmindedness. Howlite brings vibrations of peace, clarity, and focus to the mind, clearing out negative thoughts that are holding back progression. It's dark striking lines provide the soul and spirit the energy to take the action needed to continue the positive transformation you are seeking.


Inner-Vision + Confidence + Leadership

Iolite is a vision stone. It carries beautiful violet-blue energy that activates and clears the third eye allowing vision, communication and strengthens intuition. Helps you to express your true-self, free from the expectations of others. Iolite releases discord within relationships. It encourages taking responsibility for yourself, overcoming codependency within your partnership.


Serenity + Purity + Wisdom

Jade is known as a "growth" stone. It is a gemstone to remind you how amazing you are & helping you to reach your highest potential. It is also a stone of renewal, a symbol of serenity + purity + great wisdom. it is said to increase love & nurturing. Jade is a protective stone. It also is said to attract good luck & friendship. Jade brings insightful dreams and is known as a "dream stone, " Reminding you that your dreams can become your reality.


Nurturing + Relaxation + Tranquility

Jasper is known as the "supreme nurturer" Bringing support + comfort + tranquility. Jasper helps to align & bring a felling of balance to the soul. Wearing Jasper reminds us to be content & grounded in truth. Jasper also promotes quick thinking + problem solving + organization + courage + strength!


Love + Communication + Peace

Kunzite is known as the stone of emotional balance as it brings a special connection to the heart & mind. Wearing Kunzite reminds you to create loving thoughts and communication with others as it promotes unconditional love and positivity. Kunzite encourages you to release walls built around the heart for protection and to be open to experience abundant love and peace.


Alignment + Balance + Inner-Truth

Kyanite known as a stone of alignment & balance. Best known for it's ability to help us feel more aligned throughout all of the bodies energy centers. Kyanite is known to promote the ability to speak more easily & express oneself more clearly. Kyanite is known to induce tranquility + serenity, as well as enhancing inner-truth + communication.


Intuition + Clarity + Success

As a Gemstone of clarity, labradorite assists in revealing intentions behind our actions & connects logic with intuition. Wearing Labradorite Reminds us to be more aligned with our higher purpose. Labradorite promotes imagination + creativity + strengthens self- belief + increases willpower. Labradorite deflects negativity & helps us to bring more light & success & positivity into our lives!


Truth + Imagination + Cheer

Lapis is a stone of truth and communication. Wearing Lapis reminds us of the power of the spoken + written word. It encourages honesty & stimulates desire for knowledge + truth + understanding. Lapis is an excellent stone for enhancing the memory + imagination + clearer thinking. it is also known to be a stone of friendship bringing greater harmony + cheer to relationships.


Dream + Creativity + Grounding

Lava stone, also known as lava rock is an igneous volcanic rock. It has solidified from molten lava, after conditions of intense heat & pressure. It is a very grounding stone that strengthens ones connection with Mother Earth. Lava rock gives us strength + courage assisting us through times of change. Lava stone is a wonderful aroma therapy essential oil diffuser. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil + enjoy the added therapeutic benefits it brings.

Lemon Quartz

Confidence + Prosperity + Focus

lemon Quartz is a stone of prosperity. It reminds us of our blessings + good fortune. Lemon Quartz helps one to maintain focus on their goals + to overcome obstacles that may get in their way. It is a confidence stone, helping one to make decisions with boldness + spunk + faith in oneself!

Gems M - Z

Mixed Quartz

Harmony + Balance + Clarity

Quartz is one of the most powerful and common crystal family in the crystal healing world. There are countless varieties, each energy signature slightly different, yet equally powerful. This Mixed Quartz set has a variety of Quartz, Prehnite, Amethyst, Lemon Quartz, and Rose Quartz.

Montana Agate

Health + Longevity + Stress Relief

Montana Agate is a stone of good health and longevity. Wearing Montana Agate will remind you to relax and let go of past stresses & strengthen your connection to the earth & amplify your personal power & enjoy more self-confidence & increase your physical activity & feel a senes of security.


Love + Peace + Joy

Morganite is a crystal of Divine Love. It brings healing, compassion, Peace and promise. A very cleansing and inspiring crystal bringing more awareness that life's suffering and pain serve a higher purpose in our spiritual growth. This is the perfect crystal to help you move forward in your purpose with peace and confidence. Morganite is also a crystal for the heart that attracts an abundance of love and deepens loving relationships.


New Beginnings + happiness + Good Fortune

As a gemstone for "new beginnings" moonstone is a stone of inner growth & strength. Wearing Moonstone reminds us to find wisdom & passion & insight in the things we would love to accomplish in our lives. Moonstone is a wonderful nurturing stone. It is said to bring good luck & a happy home. Wearing Moonstone Reminds us to view the world with positivity & helps us to see the beauty this life has to offer.


Nurturer + Boost + Creativity

Mookaite Jasper is a nurturing stone that brings vibes of hope, peace and support. During times of stress it encourages feelings of wholeness and helps you find clarity during the decision making process. Mookaite boosts self-esteem and lifts the spirit. Wearing Mookaite enhances creativity and encourages the flow of brand new ideas.

Moss Green Opal

Prosperity + Abundance + Success

Moss Green Opal is known as a stone of prosperity. It is said to help bring an abundance of joy into all aspects of life. Wearing Moss Green Opal encourages feelings of love & optimism & success! It is an uplifting stone that reminds us to find joy & and live life to the fullest!

Ocean Jasper

Nurture + Peace + Happiness

Ocean Jasper draws it's soothing vibes from the element of water. It is a stone of joy & mindfulness. It is a nurturing protective stone, which can help encourage feelings of joy and raise your spirits. Wearing Ocean Jasper reminds you to bring more contentment & peace into your life, making time for rest and relaxation.

Peach Moonstone

Divine + Femininity + Calming

Peach moonstone is known as a "Woman's Stone." It's warm and bright feminine vibes can help us to sort through our emotions and understand them better. As Peach Moonstone is a very nurturing and intuitive stone, let it help you to envision a clear path as you progress in this life and discover your true passions and life mission.

Phantom Quartz

Wisdom + Truth + Transformation

A Phantome is a crystal or mineral deposit within a crystal. While the color of Phantoms will vary from crystal to crystal, depending upon the type of mineral of which they are made, Phantoms look like the "ghost" of a crystal within another crystal. Quartz Phantomes are symbolic of universal awareness and the many phases of the cycle of life. Phantoms are belived to bring great healing to the earth by helping to assimilate the past. You can use Phantoms to facilitate inner growth, and when in need of help in understanding and resolving past issues in your life.

Pink Opal

Soothing + Stability + Renewal

Pink Opal is a stone of hope and renewal. It is an amazing stone to soothe the heart by reminding you to add in more love + peace + hope to your life. It's pink tones are pleasing to the eye & inspire an abundance of love + hope + happiness. Pink Opal is known for helping you renew your 'love energy' when you have need to give big love to others.

Pink Tourmaline

Self-Love + Friendship + Heart-Protector

Pink Tourmaline has been said to be a 'stone of reconciliation,' a stone that fosters compassion + Joy + strength + courage + conviction to endeavors that are based on love. It also is known for attracting prosperity + healing friendships + stabilizing mood swings + helping one to stay connected to the earth on an emotional level. Wearing Pink Tourmaline May remind you to bring compassion and wisdom into your dealings with others.


True-Self + Focus + Declutter

Prehnite is known as a stone of unconditional love + peace + protection. It is a gem to calm and bring clarity to the mind, assisting you in decluttering your thoughts and emotions and getting rid of things that are no longer needed. An amazing 'dream stone,' said to assist in dream recall. Wearing Prehnite reminds you to be true to yourself + do things to uplift the spirit + find clarity of heart and mind.


Strength + Leadership + Optimism

Pyrite is a symbol of abundance & prosperity. An extremely strong stone to promote positive thinking. It will encourage you to overcome feelings of inadequacy & live your life to it's full potential. It will boost self worth of the individual & allow you to have the energy to take action when needed. Pyrite is a stone with the power to deflect negativity. It will raise your vibrations & allow you to lead with strength and determination.


Harmony + Balance + Clarity

A true Rockstar, Crystal Quartz is known as the "Master Healer." It has the capability to harmonize & bring to balance it's surroundings. Quartz is often used in technology to hold currents of energy. This is how we know it is amazing at programming. Program your Crystal Quartz each day with your goals & dreams, & let it do it's job to put those intentions our to the universe.


Self-Love + Heart-Healing + Forgiveness

As the stone of the heart, Rhodochrosite shines a light on the meaning of the unconditional love and the importance of forgiving yourself and others. Wearing Rhodochrosite also reminds you to show compassion to yourself as you maneuver through life's challenges. Rhodochrosite brings inner-strength to heal those old wounds that my be keeping you from loving with your whole heart and reminding you that you've got this!


Heart-Mender + Love + Understanding

Rhodonite is known as a stone of compassion. It assists in clearing away old patterns and works as a heart activator when you need it! Activate Rhodonite when you are ready for new love, romance, and passions of the heart. Wear Rhodonite when you need extra emotional balance. It brings more acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love towards others.

Rose Quartz

Love + Kindness + Compassion

As the stone of the heart, Rose Quartz reminds us that the heart is the GPS of the soul, the heart navigates where you need to be in order to grow & expand to your purest potential. Wearing Rose Quartz reminds you to bring more trust & harmony to your relationships. As a stone of unconditional love and forgiveness, wearing Rose Quartz reminds you to let you heart heal & increase all aspects of love in your life.


Passion + Strength + Devotion

Rubellite is a stone of the passionate heart. It brings vibes of strength, vitality and passion for life and love! This stone resonates deep within the heart linking it not only to the heart of the earth but to the whole universe. Rubellite's relaxing color calms feelings of anger, bitterness, and resentment helping to protect, heal, and mend the aching heart. An amazing stone to meditate with while doing heart-work.


Passion + Joy + Motivation

Ruby is the stone of nobility and divine creativity. It encourages you to have passion and a zest for life. It also is a great motivation stone to remind us to enjoy every moment + to have laughter + spontaneity and courage. Ruby is a " lovers stone" that encourages closeness and commitment.

Rutilated Quartz

Joyful + Clarity + Transformation

Rutliated Quartz is said to bring balance to the soul by increasing spiritual growth + creative power. Rutliated Quartz enhances your focus + brings More clarity during times of transformation. As you wear this uplifting crystal remember to think positive thoughts + kick out those old negative thought patterns that are no longer serving you & replace them with new positive ones!


Wisdom + Insight + Divine

the brilliant and heavenly Sapphire, in all it's celestial tones, is a stone of wisdom, royalty, insight and the divine. It is considered the gem of gems, a jewel steeped in history & lore. In ancient times, the Sapphire signified celestial hope + faith and was belived to bring protection + good fortune + spiritual insight. It is a symbol of power + strength, but also of kindness + wise judgement.

Septarian Nodule

Grounding + Shielding + Change

Septarian Nodule is a powerful grounding stone that helps to awaken one's connection to Mother Earth and the nurturing energy she provides. This combination of 3 powerful minerals (Aragonite, Calcite, Limestone) may help one achieve an " inner-awakening" driving a change in new habits to replace ones old daily habits. Sectarian is a perfect support for anyone going through some sort of drastic change in their life and can help one repair their emotional body. Wearing this stone will provide a protective shield around ones aura full of power earthen energy that will help one slowly heal from the inside out.


Peace + Clarity + Elevate

Selenite is a calming stone that helps to instill peace in the mind and soul. wearing selenite during prayer or meditation enhances connection between the spiritual and physical realms. selenite is one of the most powerful higher frequency crystals we have on the earth. wearing selenite helps you to clear confusion and aids you to see the deeper, bigger picture of an experience.


Intuition + Imagination + Adaptability

Shell stimulates intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability. It helps to enhance mental clarity and provides insight into decision making. Shell promotes cooperation between the self and others, as well as within the self. it provides cohesive energy for groups.


Purify + Grounding + Protection

The Shungite Mineral is one of the most powerful vibrations for protection + grounding + purification and cleansing It is most known for it's electricity conducting properties that aid in inhibiting EMFs, or electromagnetic fields from electronic devices.

Smokey Quartz

Uplift + Protection + Stability

Smokey Quartz is a stone of cooperation. It has the anchoring energy of the earth, tightening your understanding of nature + your environment. Throughout history smokey quartz has been worn for it's protective properties. It is an excellent uplifting stone for elevating moods + bringing in positivity. It is a stone of courage + inner-strength + brings in an abundance of light!

Snowflake Obsidian

Unique-ness + Individuality + Divine-Beauty

Snowflake Obsidian is a purification stone assisting you is clearing toxic emotional debris and also promotes calming feelings during times of stress. Snowflake Obsidian represents uniqueness and individuality. You will see from each gemstone the unique flowery snowflake patterns as they each have their own divine beauty. Just like a snowflake, you are also one of a kind.


Communication + Harmony + Trust

Sodalite is known as a truth stone. It brings order and clamness + harmony to the mind. It encourages rational thought + objectivity + trust + intuition which helps you to verbalize your feelings. It is a stone to promote peace + tranquility connecting our physical and spiritual selves.

Strawberry Quartz

Love + Clarity + Gratitude

Strawberry Quartz is a stone of the heart. It carries all the energies of Quartz with the additional attributes of universal love + understanding of purpose and seizing the day. Wearing Strawberry Quartz reminds us to slay calm in stressful situations. Strawberry Quartz amplifies intentions of love + gratitude + generosity.


Independant + Joyful + Self-Confident

Sunstone is known as a joyful stone. Inspiring + nurturing Self in order to be of services to others. Restores enjoyment of life + good nature + provides a sense of abundance. Wearing Sunstone reminds you to be more independent + self-confident + let your unique qualities shine through.

Tourmaline Quartz

Balance + Grounding + Protection

Tourmaline Quartz combines the properties of Tourmaline and Clear Quartz Crystal. Tourmaline purifies and protects your energy form negativity, while Quartz amplifies energies focused through it. This combination makes Tourmaline Quartz a powerful shield-stone that can amplify and return negative energy, or can convert the negative energy into positive energy for the wearer.

Tiger Iron

Self-Worth + Centering + Personal Power

Tiger Iron is a rock combination of Tigers Eye, Red Jasper, and Hematite which makes this a very powerful stone that combines three strong energies into one. It represents our inner healing from long-held wounds and overcoming them with strength, confidence and courage. As we honor and learn from our experiences we are more empowered to find the strength within ourselves.

Tiger's Eye

Confidence + Empowerment + Protection

The ultimate bodyguard & confidence booster. Tiger's Eye supports us during times of transformation. Tiger's Eye is a stone of motivation, optimism & courage. It can assist in sharpening one's inner knowing. Wear Tiger's Eye with the intention to attract opportunities, prosperity, & abundance.

Tree Agate

Earthing + Abundance + Growth

Tree Agates are known for bringing you increased inner peace and aiding you in all types of growth including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Wearing Tree Agate helps you to feel more rooted and grounded to the Earth. They also encourage playful imagination and creativity by reminding you to play like a child again!


Love + Peace + Purify

Turquoise is known as a purification stone. It has a very long history of being one of the treasured stones to date. Turqoise has been known for the protection + good fortune it brings. Wearing Tourqois enhances feelings of alignment + blance + inner-peace. Turquoise is a symbol of friendship & is said to attract romantic love.

Lemon Quartz

Confidence + Prosperity + Focus

Lemon Quartz is a stone of prosperity. It is an uplifting stone that reminds us of our blessings and good fortune. Lemon Quartz helps one to maintain focus on their goals + to overcome obstacles that may get in their way. It is a confidence stone, helping one to make decisions with boldness + spunk + faith in oneself!

Yellow Calcite

Self-Confidence + Memory + Motivation

Yellow Calcite is a stone of self-confidence & hope! It brings the Vibrations to help you increase your personal power, memory, discernment and drive! It is a stone to stimulate the mind, therefore, a great stone to wear when studying and preparing for a test. A very uplifting stone to increase your mood, strength and vitality.

Yellow Opal

Vitality + Manifestation + Optimism

Yellow Opal is a stone of vitality, creativity and optimism. Wearing Yellow Opal is sure to brighten your day and reminds you to have an optimistic mindset to creat more joy and abundance in your life!