Charmed Trio

Charmed Trio

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This Lovely Gem Trio includes:


  • Self-Love - Expression - Serenity

Amazonite is a stone of expression, serenity and self-love. It encourages one to seek to discover ones own truths, gifts and integrity. It is a very calming stone. It also encourages us to have more harmony, serenity and peace.


  • Uplift - Abundance - Joy

Citrine is a tone of abundance. Wearing this gem reminds us to seek good and uplifting things that will lift self-esteem, increase self-confidence and self-expression. It also reminds us to keep more joy and happiness. 


  • New Beginnings - Happiness - Good Fortune

Moonstone is a gem for new beginnings, gives insight and is nurturing. Helps us to have a positive view and to see the beauty in this life.