Dream Trio

Dream Trio

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This bright feeling Gem Trio includes:


  • Power + Vitality + Action

Yellow Opal is a stone of action & personal growth. Wearing this gem remind you to take action and break through personal blocks that are keeping you from your creativity and personal power.


  • Courage + Self-Reliance + Hope

African Opal Jasper is know as the supreme nurturer. It is calming and soothes the mind, helping one find inner peace, clarity and love. It also encourages self-expression and communication of ideas. 


  • Optimism + Inner Strength + Courage

Hematoid Quartz reminds us that better days will come again and invites us to be optimistic, grateful and continue to create our day to day experience by making plans and continuing to dream and set goals.

(Hematoid Quartz color varies from yellows-peachy-orange)