Divine Feminine
Divine Feminine
Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine

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Divine Feminine Necklace - Made With: 

Peach Moonstone (divine feminine, nurturer, intuition) 

Selenite (guidance, protection, connection)

Larimar (peace, love, calming)

Shell (creativity, flow, serenity)

Affirmation: "Divinity is my birthright. I am one with Divine feminine and Mother Earth. As I accept my feminine energy my emotions harmonize, I am spiritually led, nurturing comes naturally, and I maintain calm amidst stressful events. I am filled with love and light and I share it with those around me.”

  • Allow these gems to remind you that you are in your greatest power when you are in your truest feminine roles. That the more you connect with your feminine traits the more influence, strength, and clarity you have. Allow the Larimar in particular to guide you to use your voice in the most productive way and tune to your feminine heart overcome fear with greater enlightenment and clarity to see the bigger picture. 

Crystal beaded tied on silk 33” in chain. You can wear this long or it’s really cute doubled up for a shorter look. This cute chain also  makes an adorable wrap bracelet.