Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

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Dream Catcher Necklace - Made With:

Apatite: Motivation + Imagination + Inspiration 

Montana Agate: Strength + Focus + Creativity 

Lemon Quartz: Confidence + Intellect + Uplifting 

"I know what I want and I am confident ideas and inspiration will come for me to act on to achieve my dreams and goals. “

  • Allow these gems to work like a dream catcher filtering out the messy mind clutter that may be keeping you distracted from achieving your goals. Now allow them to filter in all good vibrations of creativity, imagination, and a steady flow of ideas that when put into action will make your dreams become a reality.


 Crystal beaded tied on silk 33” in chain. You can wear this long or it’s really cute doubled up for a shorter look. This cute chain also  makes an adorable wrap bracelet.