I am Rooted Necklace

I am Rooted Necklace

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I Am Rooted Necklace

 Affirmation: "I am rooted to what matters most.”

This beautiful grounding set includes Petrified Wood + Herkimer Diamond Crystal mixed metals necklace. 

Petrified Wood is an extremely grounding and protecting stone helping you to feel connected  and rooted not only in the ancient wisdom of the earth but reaching out and connecting to loved ones and also the Divine.

Paired with Himalayan Herkimer Diamond Crystal to radiate the brightest crystal light, purifying one’s energy field and attuning to the Divine.

Both are said to to calm your fears and encourage feelings of safety and security, helping you to distinguish between what is important and what is not, and enabling you to stop worrying about the things out of your control.


20” adjustable chain