Guiding Light
Guiding Light
Guiding Light

Guiding Light

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Guiding Light Necklace (Passion, Unstoppable, Shielded, Identity)

Made with:

Labradorite (Limitless, Intuition, Clarity, Success)

Garnet (Passion, Connected, Trust)

Turquoise (Purification, Attunement, Shielding)

Affirmation: "I trust I can become who I was created to be. Success is not about being perfect, but committing to believe and to try. I commit."

  • Allow these gems to release any self-sabotaging thoughts or self-doubt you may be storing, anything tied to a person or experience that has given you a false belief about who you really are, and/or a false story or belief you are replaying in your mind. Allow them to strengthen trust, purify, and connect to your higher source to light the way to your true identity.


19” black beaded brass chain.