Mothers Who Know
Mothers Who Know
Mothers Who Know
Mothers Who Know

Mothers Who Know

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The Mothers Who Know Necklace for all the mothers, women, and teachers fiercely fighting to raise and guide the next generation.

"I have the courage, strength, and clarity to protect and lead the rising generation."

Strength + Protection + Resilience

This necklace gives us deeper understanding plus the strength and insight to protect and lead our young through this time. It inspires to fiercely protect and do what is necessary.

Kyanite (alignment, balance, inner-truth)

Pyrite (strength, leadership, optimism)

Moonstone (new beginnings, happiness, good fortune)

Black Tourmalated Quartz (vitality, stability, protection)

Elephant Charm (teacher, protector, wisdom)


32” in length. The pendant comes on a 32” crystal beaded Silk tied chain. (No clasp)