Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

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Harvest Moon Necklace

“I can find harmony between taking care of myself and being of service towards others.”

NEW GEMSTONE!!! This unique Peach Moonstone with Smokey Quartz nested inside!! So powerful yet nurturing just like the Harvest Moon! We’ve paired it with a Garnet to bring in the commitment and passion and a beautiful Quartz stick to bring in harmony and balance! 

How are you balancing giving and receiving? Allow this piece to specifically assist you with balancing the energy you cultivate and the energy you share with others.

This is a good time to reflect on what you're giving and sharing, how you're being of service, and where you're putting the needs and desires of others first in your life.

Peach moonstone ( Divine Feminine, Nurturing, New Beginnings)

Smokey Quartz (Protective, Grounding, Uplift, Stability)

Quartz (Clarity, Harmony, Balance)

Garnet (Commitment, Passion, Trust)