eleVIBE box (Monthly)
eleVIBE box (Monthly)

eleVIBE box (Monthly)

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You know how I love to follow along the vibes we are feeling from the planets and October is all about seeing the bigger picture and will bring the vibrations of PERSPECTIVE + TRUST + PATIENCE + SECURITY.

I have chosen some fabulous gems to support you through the month of October and beyond!! Not only will they help support you but they will look fabulous with your fall wardrobe too! Check out these gorgeous stones and brand new beautiful matte black 33” beaded chain!!

Mystic Merlinite can awaken those parts of the mind that are dormant and activates the full potential of the mind. It can help you to see situations from a different perspective, increasing intuition helping you to dispel darkness and bring in more light!

Lepidolite is the anti-anxiety gemstone! It contains large amounts of lithium which brings about a soothing vibration. It can assist and calm the mind during times of transition and help you to have greater focus when reorganizing your space. Lepidolite promotes feelings of peace, patience and trusting your inner-voice.

Fire Agate is a stone of action! It’s the exact perfect stone to wear when you are ready to get moving and take the action needed to make your dreams come true. It’s also a great gem to have around to bring extra layer of protection from negativity into your home or business.

If you aren’t on the list to get your very own eleVIBE box you can snag one here! Each month they come full of the energetic support to assist you in thriving through 2021!

NEW SPOTS open for October’s eleVIBE box Subscribers!

If you are already subscribed then you will automatically receive the October’s  eleVIBE box with all of its goodies! 
Purchases can be made between Sept 20-Oct 14 or until spots are full! Boxes will be mailed the first week of the next month! 


Welcome to eleVIBE monthly subscription box! The Vibe Jewelry Co's eleVIBE Monthly Subscription Box is designed to help you feel ELEVATED, SUPPORTED, & even PAMPERED as you maneuver through the year 2021! The monthly box themes are each divinely inspired to assist you in strengthening the gifts and talents you have within. That you may bring them to the world to help make it a better place.

Each month the eleVIBE Box will include a High Vibe Gem Trio Necklace with 3 exclusive and powerful gemstones intuitively chosen by Jeannie to help support you each month this year!  (you can choose silver or gold-toned) Next you will receive a totally unique, specifically designed essential oil blend that enhances the gemstone energy; coordinating motivational quote, a lava diffuser pendant; and a special guest Guided Meditation or class all centered on a monthly theme to support and uplift you!

Subscription box includes:

  • Exclusive High Vibe Gem Trio Necklace
  • Exclusive Hand curated Oil blend
  • Lava Charm essential oil diffuser
  • Healing Guided Meditation
  • Motivational Quote
  • 10% off monthly discount code to our shop
  • Free access to our online Gems & Oils Class.