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By Way Of Introduction


Well Hey There!  I thought I'd take a minute to tell you a little bit about myself and Vibe Jewelry. I'm Jeannie, the owner and designer of Vibe Jewelry Co. Nice to meet you! Around 2016 my two worlds of natural health and healing collided with my love for gemstones and designing jewelry. It's as though I had a newfound VIBE for life; hence Vibe Jewelry was created! My goal is to design gemstone jewelry which inspires and uplifts the heart and soul. These gemstones are beautiful, perfect creations that each carry their own energetic properties that heal, clear and uplift. ...

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Raise Your Vibe!

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Welcome to the Vibe Jewelry Blog! Around here we are all about helping you Raise Your Vibe!  Your Vibe of confidence, the Vibe of how you see yourself, the Vibe of how big you dream - believing with your whole heart that your wants and needs and dreams matter and will come true! Raising your Vibe in your health, both physical and emotional. Raising your Vibe in love, helping you have healthy, safe, thriving relationships.   Whether it's statement pieces that help you feel confident, support pieces that help you feel peace, love, and clarity, or creative pieces that help...

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