Chakras are vibrant energy centers located throughout the body; imagine swirling, colorful wheels of energy (see Ezekiel 1)

We have seven main chakras that run up the center of our spine. Each chakra takes constant snapshots, gathering and storing all the information of our existence. Chakras also help our body, mind, and soul function in a healthy, vibrant way. 

There are many ways to keep our chakras clear and balanced. Exercise, clean eating, listening to music, dancing, writing, yoga, prayer, and meditation all open and align chakras. Gemstones also assist in keeping them clear and happy.

Each Vibe gemstone was perfectly created and has unique properties and characteristics. These qualities assist our chakras. Try holding a Vibe gemstone in your palm; relax and listen to your body. You may feel a slight healing vibration as the gemstone invigorates a part of your body and mind. 

Gemstones are just one of the many useful things the earth produces for our benefit. Vibe gems are both pleasing to the eye and the soul- they are amazing!